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2018 Sewing Goals & Challenges

The first week of 2018 is almost over and there seems like no better time than now to talk goals and sewing challenges for the year. This year I’m participating in the 100 sewn items challenge on Facebook again; however, I’m actually planning on keeping better track this time and maybe even completing it. Lol. I’ve already got a good start with 3 items sewn so far and more to come once I finish up a few tests I’m working on.

Besides, #sew100in2018 I’m also planning on doing the 52 week challenge. This one is fun and unique! They have a designated theme for each week and you can choose to accept or reject it. For example, the theme for this week was “Something warm/soft” and I chose to accept it by making my oldest a new long sleeve shirt (since Florida decided to participate in winter and he needs some more warm clothes). Next week is to sew something from the last fabric you purchased/received. Which FYI, is a black plaid DBP from Pretty Posh Prints!

My newest, spur the moment sewing challenge is the #makenine2018 or #2018makenine I’ve been seeing all over my Instagram and even saw The Crafty Pinup do a Vlog on. So, me being all “Sew all the things this year!” couldn’t resist having a go at it.

Here is my 2018 Make Nine patterns

  1. The Road Trip Bodysuit by George and Ginger
  2. Scarlett Moto Skinnies by Laela Jeyne
  3. Mama Quinn by Made for Mermaids
  4. Luna Loungewear by Love Notions
  5. Gazelle Tights by The Wolf and the Tree
  6. Lovesick Bra by George and Ginger
  7. Rita Blouse by Charm Patterns
  8. Jamie Dress by Sis Boom
  9. Retro Shirt “Boogie” by Cecilia Theresa Design

Why these? Well, lots of reasons. I’ll save you the lengthy read and give you my top two though: First, I wanted to keep the bulk of my choices to patterns I own but haven’t sewn (7 out of 9). Then I threw in a pattern favorite I haven’t done in over a year and 1 new pattern I’ve been eyeballing but haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing. Secondly, I wanted my choices to be me centered as it’s easy to make excuses not to follow through with “selfish” sews (and I want to change that).

So those are my sewing goals for 2018! Lots of projects planned. What’s yours? Are you participating in any of these kinds of challenges?

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