Lengthening​ pants with lace

Recently, after a bit of weight loss, I “inherited” some old jeans from family. Yay, new clothes! Unfortunately, one of the pairs of jeans was a petite. Now, I’m far from tall (5ft 3in), but I’m in that awkward sizing where petites are too short, but regular is way too long. Typically, I would just donate the petites, but not this time; I’m in serious need of pants that fit, so I’m determined to make them work. My solution? Add lace!

What you’ll need:

  • Pants (or whatever you want to lengthen)
  • Lace Trim (read below if you need help choosing)
  • Matching Thread (you want it to match your lace)
  • Standard Sewing machine 
  • (Optional) Serger
  • Pins
  • Iron (use a fabric setting appropriate for your lace’s fiber content!)


Picking the right lace:

  • Use non stretchy lace on woven fabrics and denim
  • Use stretch lace on knits (can also be used on wovens)
  • Determine the amount of length you need/want to add to the bottom of your pants, then add ½ an inch.
  • Where I buy lace: Sincerely RyleeCali FabricsSew It Seams Facebook Group

What to do:

  • Gather your materials.
  • Start by deciding how you would like to position your lace on your fabric. You want to position the top of your lace just slightly above the preexisting hem line (this is why we add that extra ½ inch).
  • Wrap your lace around the bottom edge. Once your ends meet, add an extra ½ inch, then trim excess.

  • Working one piece at time, fold your lace RST (right sides together). Pin if you feel it’s necessary.
  • Stitch ¼ inch from the ends. (Be sure to backstitch at the start and end of your seam!) 
  • Serge, or zig zag stitch, your edges.
  • Repeat the above process for your other piece of trim.
  • Iron the seams you just created to one side.
  • Begin pinning your lace to your pants making sure the seams of your lace trim are in line with the pre-existing inseam and just slightly above the pre-existing hem.

  • Head to your sewing machine and begin sewing your first line of stitches. (I like to start with my top edge)


  • Make sure you overlap your first few stitches before backstitching in place.
  • Sew a second line of stitches close to the bottom edge of your pants. (I like ⅛ inch. As it’s close, but not too close) 

  • Repeat the process again on the opposite pant leg.
  • Celebrate! You’re done!



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